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Growing Cannabis Indoors or outdoors: What’s Ideal for you?

There're clear yield differences in growing indoors or outdoors. Quantity & quality of the marijuana crop are main factors, but there're others to consider.

What are Cannabis Concentrates? The basics.

Concentrates are also known as hash and are becoming a popular form to consume cannabis. Marijuana trichomes are extracted in order to produce concentrates.

Beneficial things to know in the Cannabis industry as a newbie

Advices for the absolute beginner looking to start a successful business in the booming legal cannabis industry. Start now with a "bang"!

Which Marijuana Seeds are Medicinal?

Here are the cannabis seeds that contain higher levels of CBD, the cannabinoid type of marijuana plant with the most medicinal benefits.

Medicinal Marijuana: Everything you need to know

A must read! A detailed explanation about medical cannabis, its cultivation and medical uses treating and providing a better quality of life to patients.

What does Medical Cannabis Cure?

Cannabinoids (CBD oil, hemp extracts) scientifically proven to relieve symptoms in treating multiple diseases (eg. cancer), and in some cases even cure.