The Solution for Menstrual Cramps might be a CANNABIS TAMPON!

According to experts, the effects of cannabis on pain relief have already been proven and in this product’s case takes between 15 to 30 minutes to act.

Foria Basics Suppositories
Broad-Spectrum Hemp (CBD) in Organic Cocoa Butter
Foria Basics Suppositories
Broad-Spectrum Hemp (CBD) in Organic Cocoa Butter
source: Foria

The first female cannabis tampon has been launched to fight menstrual cramps.

The tampon, made only with natural ingredients such as organic cocoa butter, carbon dioxide extracted from cannabis oil and cannabidiol (CBD), one of the plant’s main substances, promises to ease the pain of women suffering from dysmenorrhea, commonly known as menstrual cramps.

The capsules are being produced by Foria, a group of patients who use cannabis-based treatments and health care providers in North Carolina, United States.

Morton Bake, director of a medical center for cannabis in California, said that the positive effects of the herb on pain relief are already known.

“We know that cannabis does help pain. We do see a lot of patients with dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is painful menstrual periods. It’s a fantastic way to help patients,”

The gynecologist said in an interview with Racked.

The suppositories contain both Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Cannabidiol (CBC).

The product, which takes 15-30 minutes to take effect, is available online nationwide in the USA only, and at dispensaries to anyone living in California and Colorado for now.

And, has the card that allows you to buy marijuana for medical use. Foria, however, ensures that it helps new customers make the necessary card.

The US company was known to have launched Foria Pleasure, a coconut oil and cannabis based lubricant in 2016 that promised to prolong the female orgasm by up to 15 minutes.

The 5-star reviews keep piling up, so you might want to really give it a try.

Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief | CBD Suppository Testimonial | Foria


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