Beneficial things to know in the Cannabis industry as a newbie

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Cannabis Industry Beginner advice

Jonas and I started growing marijuana a few years ago almost exclusively for our own consumption.

We do sell every now and then to close friends, but not with the intention to make a profit.

More recently, Jonas went to study in Spain, I went to visit him a couple of times. He knows a couple producers there and had long casual chats.

We have discussed a couple of ideas related to the cannabis industry and potentially create our own products and branding.

So, we have been doing, as usual, a lot of research about the marijuana industry, the laws, available products and of course how to open and run a business.

These are the pieces of advice for the absolute beginner to start a business in the cannabis industry we compiled for us and now sharing with you.

The marijuana industry is booming currently and due to that numerous people are looking out to start out a business of their own in the cannabis industry.

But there are lots of risks associated with this business and a newbie must consider a few things before jumping into this industry.

There's a LOT of money to be made in Cannabis industry
There’s a LOT of money to be made in Cannabis industry

It is an industry where you can make huge profits and many firms have already captured the opportunity after the legalization of marijuana in the country.

Also, the sale of marijuana in North America has grown by over 30% in recent years, and keeps expanding.

But still the industry is in its nascent phase and there is a lot to explore and innovate.

The path to a successful business in this industry is not that smooth but you must be aware of the beneficial things to know in the cannabis industry as a newbie.

Benefits of starting a cannabis business now

  • The product is in high demand in several states of America.
  • According to government laws, medical marijuana has been legalized in several states and even the drug is being legalized for recreational purposes in many states too.
  • There is a huge scope to make a profit in a short time.
  • The industry is still in its growing phase and there are lots of opportunities to explore.
  • As a newbie, you can be successful with your unique idea.
Weed and money always go hand in hand
Weed and money always go hand in hand

Steps to become a successful cannabis businessman/women

After gaining information about the beneficial things to know in the cannabis industry as a newbie, it is important to know the steps to start a cannabis business as a newbie.

These are the steps to follow in order to become successful as a cannabis businessperson. The steps are as follows:

  1. Start some fresh idea – You must first choose a stream to start your business. Either you want to grow cannabis or extract marijuana from the plants or you want to work as a cannabis consultant. The choice is entirely yours, so follow your heart.
  2. Understand your customers – Once you decide the stream you want to enter, then do research about your potential customers. If you are going to produce marijuana from cannabis plants, then obviously the end users will be your customers. So now the question is, whether you will produce medical marijuana or recreational one or both? Take a proper decision and then research your customer base efficiently.
  3. Know the industry and its rules – The laws pertaining to marijuana are different for cannabis plants as well as medical and recreational marijuana. Hence you must check out the laws and rules of the government agencies in order to avoid any sort of legal implications.
  4. Be ready to invest – Just like any business, even the cannabis industry needs funds to start with. Check out the approximate requirements of funds and then move on to arrange for it.
  5. Work hard and earn money – Once you have started out then you must work dedicatedly to get success in the cannabis industry.

Keep it simple when starting. Follow these basic steps in order to get a successfully established cannabis business.

Don’t forget to enjoy it too, it will keep you motivated.

Good luck!


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