What are Cannabis Concentrates? The basics.

Cannabis concentrates

Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are also known as hash and are becoming a popular form to consume cannabis. Psychoactive and medical cannabinoid properties of Marijuana plant resin also known as trichomes are extracted in order to produce concentrates.

Marijuana contains how many chemicals?

Marijuana contains over 420 chemicals of which 61 are cannabinoids like from THC and CBD (source).

All these are extracted from the plant and added into concentrates.

Shatter, Wax, Resins, Butane Hash Oils (BHO) & Concentrates on Marijuana

Concentrates of Marijuana come in several forms such as shatter, oil, wax, resins and many more.

Marijuana Concentrates
Marijuana Concentrates

If you are a user of Cannabis then you must be aware of what you are consuming and its contents and potential effects and side effects too.
So let us understand the contents and effects of each of these concentrates.

Differences between Cannabis Shatter and Wax extracts

Shatter and wax extracts – these forms of concentrates are quite similar although they may look different.

Cannabis Shatter
Cannabis Shatter

Shatter has a dreamy amber color and is translucent whereas wax is more buttery.

Both of these products are made out of extracts from cannabis buds and Butane and are widely used for dabbing.

Shatter and wax extracts are popularly known as Butane hash oils or BHO’s.

The process for making these concentrates is almost the same. It includes packing the buds tightly into a tube and then blasting it with butane.

After the blast, the butane extracts the hash oil from the bud.

For safety purposes, an excess of the butane is evaporated and oils are then purged with heat and then the gooey substance that is left behind is either shatter or wax.

Cannabis Batter
Cannabis batter / budder

The difference in the creation process of shatter and wax is the temperature that is used while purging and dabbing.

Main differences between shatter and wax:

  • Wax is less stable as compared to shatter but it is easy to work with
  • Shatter can last longer than wax
  • Shatter is more stable but it is difficult to manipulate during the dabbing process.

What is Marijuana Live Resin concentrate?

Live resin is also a form of Marijuana concentrate that contains many terpenes in it. Live resin is a much fresher flavor profile as compared to other concentrates such as shatter and wax.

Cannabis Resin
Cannabis Resin

According to a study done at the University of Mississippi, the live resin is made up of fresh cannabis and contains a high amount of monoterpenes as compared to other terpenes that are present in the plant.

They have a fresh and floral aroma of the cannabis plant and a fresh fruity flavor too.

Even BHO contains 2% fewer monoterpenes than live resin.

How to create Butane Hash Oil?

This is a common type of Marijuana concentrate and it makes use of butane and cannabis plant material as the main components.

Butane serves as a solvent for extraction. BHO extraction process can create highly concentrated cannabinoids as compared to those produced from other forms of extraction.

Cannabis BHO - Butane Hash Oil
Cannabis BHO – Butane Hash Oil

Butane is a cold compound, which causes the trichomes (those tiny hairs that come out of the leaves) of the plant marrow to fall off easily and breaks down the cell wall thereby creating a slab of trichomes.

The residual butane is then removed from the concentrate with the help of a closed loop hash BHO machine.

In this process, a high percentage of butane is recycled out of the product. If there is any excess solvent remaining in the product then it is removed while purging.


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