Robin "Weed" & Jonas "Reefer"
Robin “Weed” & Jonas “Reefer”

Hello! Robin and Jonas here, the creators of Punta Lunga.

We are a couple of university students in CA who in between classes and study have discovered their passion: the cultivation, farming, and cropping of marijuana. But, we had never considered starting to cultivate seriously (yet).

We are interested in cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes.

You can also call it cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, ganja, hash, reefer, 420, grass, whatever will also be fine, we aren’t picky.

We always enjoyed their consumption with friends, colleagues, mostly at home. In the case of Robin, the consumption of marijuana is also due to their medicinal capacities (motorbike accident).

Our interest in indoor cultivation was developed thanks to a lot of online research, some valuable insights and recommendations from colleagues, and guides that demonstrated the benefits of their practice.

However, it was not until two years ago when Jonas appeared with a LED grow lamp in my house. A moment in which we decided to embark on the adventure of home farming.

Since then we have planted, grown and enjoyed many grams of homemade marijuana. Learning in the process the techniques and the way to obtain the best results.

Given the good results of our crops, we decided to share it with our friends and with the growers we met in the mythical farming forums.

We did not think of a better way to do it than through a website/blog. And that’s how Punta Lunga was born, the place where we would write our experiences and our pieces of advice. 

So if you are a beginner, you have never cultivated marijuana at home, or you already have the knowledge and want to refine your technique, make yourself comfortable because you are at home.

Mi casa es tu casa.

As or the name Punta Lunga, which translates into something like “long tip” from Italian, came from a camping site we were staying when the idea came up.

Curiously, we still get emails from Italian campers looking to book and enjoy some relaxing nights among nature. If they only knew our backyard if far closer to paradise…

We were having a blasting time smoking marijuana with some friendly French girls. So nice that Jonas is now studying in Spain with one of them. 

Let’s just say the name sounded perfectly adequate.

Welcome to Punta Lunga! Enjoy…